Podcast – Session 41 – How to Build a Destination Brewery


On many sessions of the Breaking Brews Podcast, we’ve discussed creating the ultimate customer experience – something that’s going to make someone’s visit memorable, noteworthy, and have them leaving wanting to shout from the rooftops how much they can’t wait to come back and bring 10 friends with them.

This is where the power lays these days. Great beer and food are simply table stakes because people have so many options to choose from. In order to captivate consumers, you need to build a destination. A locale that offers so much, people will travel great distances to experience what you’re offering without thinking twice.

In Session 41, host Jason Cercone is joined by Jim Stutzman, Co-Founder of Lazy Horse Brewery and Winery in Ohiowa, Nebraska. Lazy Horse is a destination that is 45 minutes removed from the nearest restaurant…and neighboring town, for that matter. People travel 2-3 hours to experience Lazy Horse because they’ve built themselves into the type of place that not only serve quality beer, great wine, and wood-fired oven pizzas, but also has friendly, knowledgeable staff, an ambiance that makes customers feel welcome, and an overall positive vibe throughout the entire venue, inside and out.

Your brewery, restaurant, bar, etc. doesn’t need to sit by itself 45 minutes away from your nearest competitor to be a destination. Chances are, there’s about 100 yards between you and a consumers’ alternative choice. What are you going to do to ensure they choose you first? Your mindset needs to be thinking customer experience and treating your venue like a true destination at all times.

This session covers how you can make your staff feel valued so they continue to produce the best experiences possible, how everyone on your team can learn from their own experiences, simple ways to market your brand throughout you region that will help you stand out, and much more.

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