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About the Breaking Brews Podcast

The Breaking Brews Podcast is focused on the business side of beer and emphasizes what’s driving today’s thriving craft beer industry. Whether you work in the beer industry, aspire to, or just love beer and want to know more about it, this podcast is for you – covering everything from sales, marketing, branding, production, culture, and much, much more. The Breaking Brews Podcast delivers real-life scenarios and experiences from industry professionals that will help your beer knowledge evolve.


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Session Archives

Season I:

Introducing the Breaking Brews Podcast
Session 1: Do’s & Dont’s to Know When Starting a Brewery w/ Zack Morrow of Noble Stein Brewing
Session 2: A Comprehensive Look at the Cicerone Certification Program w/ Master Cicerone Brian Reed
Session 3: Ins & Outs of Brewery Production Management w/ Lauren Baker of North Country Brewing
Session 4: How Cans Help Increase Brand Visibility & Revenue w/ Ian Staab of Yellow Bridge Brewing
Session 5: Social Media Tips & Strategies For Any Beer Brand w/ Jason Cercone of Breaking Brews
Session 6: What to Know Before Rebranding Your Business w/ Dennis Hock & Bert Mooney of Strange Roots
Session 7: Building Your Brand From the Ground Up w/ Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza & Draft House
Session 8: Creating the Ultimate Taproom Experience w/ Jay, Luke, Tony, and Dave of Levity Brewing Company
Session 9: Beer & Food Pairing 101 w/ Master Cicerone Brian Reed
Session 10: SEO & Social Media Best Practices For Your Beer Brand w/ Megan Pritts of Noble Stein Brewing
Session 11: Starting a Brewery In a Small Community w/ Jaye Beattie of Four Mile Brewing
Session 12: How Is Climate Change Impacting Beer and Brewing? w/ Samantha Joule Fow, CEO of Axiom Communications
Session 13: The Making of the Poured In Pennsylvania Documentary w/ Nate Kresge, Producer of Poured In PA
Session 14: The Making of the Sheetz vs. Wawa Documentary w/ Matthew Fridg, Producer of Sheetz vs. Wawa: The Documentary
Session 15: Email Newsletter Strategies, Facebook Events, & Beer Marketing w/ Bailey Allegretti, Marketing Manager at Grist House Craft Brewery
Session 16: The Joy of Podcasting w/ Doug Derda of the Should I Drink That? Podcast
Session 17: How to Enhance Customer Experience w/ Andrew Coplon of Secret Hopper
Session 18: How Craft Beer Inspires Entrepreneurial Strength & Mindset w/ Dennis Guy of First Sip Brew Box
Session 19: Tips & Strategies For Planning a Kick-Ass Beer Event w/ Meg Evans and Lauren Baker of North Country Brewing and The Harmony Inn
Session 20: The Importance of External and Influencer Marketing For Beer Brands w/ Russ Krause of PA Brew Review
Session 21: Making the Leap From Homebrewing to Pro Brewing w/ Zack Morrow of Noble Stein Brewing
Session 22: Grain & Malting 101 w/ Brendan Carroll of CNC Malting Company
Session 23: Beer Laws & Distribution Tips for Breweries w/ Lauren Baker of North Country Brewing/Harmony Inn
Session 24: Bringing Diversity to the Beer Industry and Beyond w/ Mike Potter and Day Bracey of Fresh Fest
Session 25: How to Get Results From Organic Facebook Marketing w/ Kayleigh Lohse of Presidential Brewing
Session 26: How to Conquer Paid Facebook Advertising Campaigns w/ Aaron Williams of Monday Night Brewing
Session 27: IT 101 w/ Trey Bowden of Goodbetterbest Technologies
Session 28: The Power of Synergy in the Craft Beer Community w/ Dominic Cincotta of CoStar Brewing
Session 29: How to Get More From Paid Facebook Marketing Campaigns w/ Digital Marketer Jim Mitchell
Session 30: The Importance of Beer Clean Glassware…Now and Forever w/ Advanced Cicerone Dev Adams

Season II:

Session 31: How Untappd is Negatively Impacting the Beer Industry w/ Keana McMahon of Eleventh Hour Brewing
Session 32: The Wonderful World of Hops w/ Brian Tennis of Michigan Hop Alliance
Session 33: Is Home Delivery The Next Big Thing In Beer? w/ Michelle Arnoni of Beverages2U
Session 34: Tackling Trends in the Beer Industry w/ beer professional Katrina Matthews
Session 35: How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand w/ Aaron Williams, Marketing Manager at Monday Night Brewing
Session 36: How to Effectively Manage Your Taproom Space w/ Jackie Carlson, co-owner of Natural 20 Brewing
Session 37: How Quality Merchandise Can Enhance Your Brand w/ Leslie Tate of Drunk Swag Source
Session 38: Why is Education Vital to the Beer Industry? w/ Certified Cicerone David Nilsen
Session 39: Beer and Cheese Pairings Exposed w/ Master Cicerone Brian Reed and Anais Saint-Andre Loughran, owner of Chantal’s Cheese Shop
Session 40: Tips & Strategies For Effective Twitter Marketing w/ Jason Cercone, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Breaking Brews
Session 41: How to Build a Destination Brewery w/ Jim Stutzman of Lazy Horse Brewing and Winery
Session 42: Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions of Cask Ale w/ Josh and Stephanie Lepke of The Leaning Cask Brewing Company
Session 43: How to Build a Kick-Ass Craft Beer Bar w/ Mike Sukitch and Cassie Cormack of Mike’s Beer Bar
Session 44: Is the Beer Bubble About to Burst? w/ David Sheets of Sixty Four West Brewery Consultants
Session 45: Beer Industry UNCENSORED w/ Erik Budrakey of True Brew Magazine

In Between Sessions

Season III Update, P100 Podcast, Behind The Hops Podcast










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