Yards Brewing, PCBN, and The Modern Cafe Present: Soup’s On!

You know what one of my favorite foods is? I won’t keep you in suspense…it’s soup, baby! It’s one of the most comforting edibles in the whole big world. With so many different variations on the simplest offerings to off-the-wall crazy recipes that go against the grain as much as many of the beers we enjoy do, soup connoisseurs can always find something fun and exciting to dive into.

And guess what I discovered thanks to the power of social media? Alan from Yards Brewing loves soup as much, if not more so, as I do. Check out how this soup train got rolling…

Alan's TweetA couple of tweet exchanges and a brand new tradition was born!

Finding the perfect venue came next…and it took me all of three seconds to choose a winner. Guess who makes some of the most insanely delicious soups in Pittsburgh? The Modern Cafe, that’s who! It only made complete sense for us to combine our collective loves of beer and soup and make one hell of an event out of it.

So, that said…Yards Brewing, The Modern Cafe, and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network are proud to present: Soup’s On! – Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week’s First-Ever Beer and Soup Pairing Event. This connection of Modern Cafe soups and Yards beers takes place on Friday, April 15th from 6-8pm at The Modern Cafe in the North Side. What better way to kick off PCBW 2016, am I right? Whether it’s warm or chilly, everybody loves a hearty bowl of soup. And a beer, of course.

Here’s how the event will work: Alan, Constance Zotis, co-owner of The Modern Cafe, and I have carefully chosen four soups from Modern’s extensive soup menu and matched them up with four beers from Yards that will perfectly complement each soup. You will be able to order a flight of three 4oz. cups of soup and three 5oz. beers AND/OR a full bowl of soup with a pint of your favorite Yards offering. Or, if you’re into soup and beer as much as Alan and myself, do both and repeat.

The Modern Cafe has also upped the ante. You can get a growler fill and a quart of your favorite soup of the evening to go!

A Little About The Modern Cafe

Some of the best soup and sandwiches in town are served at The Modern Cafe. If you saw the list of soups we had to choose from for this event, you’d feel our pain as we had to whittle it down to just four. The Modern is one of Pittsburgh’s longest-standing drinking establishments with roots dating back to 1933 when Prohibition was abolished. Get to know The Modern Cafe more intimately in this Craft Beer Spotlight feature from November 2015.

Soup’s On will showcase the excellence of Yards beer and Modern’s soups all at once, giving you great combinations and the flexibility to try everything on the menu. Stay close to the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network for more details on this event, including the soups and beers that will take center stage, as they unfold in the upcoming weeks!

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