What to Expect From PCBN In 2015

Another Christmas has come and gone. All the hustle and bustle to pull off the best holiday possible is now in the history books, and I truly hope December 25th ended up being all you wanted and more.

With another holiday season behind us, we shift our focus to a brand new year. 2015 is just around the corner. Undoubtedly, you’ve probably got some items on your agenda you’re looking to tackle with the fresh start of a new calendar on the horizon. Remember…take it day by day, item by item. Too often we consume ourselves with instant change when it simply can’t happen that quickly and, thus, lose focus on the big picture and what we truly want to accomplish. Use 2015 not to make resolutions, but to change habits and change your approach.

OK, climbing off the soap box…

PCBNOrangeLet’s talk about the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network! I’d like to thank the thousands of visitors who have checked out PCBN since it went live on December 8th. I hope you’ve found it informative and entertaining. I truly appreciate the feedback I’ve received and all your suggestions will be considered as I strive to continuously make improvements to the Network.

Now that the holiday season is behind us, it’s time to rev things up as Pittsburgh starts to hit its craft beer stride. There is plenty to look forward to as we roll into 2015, and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network will be bringing you as much content, coverage, information, and fun regarding the happenings as possible. We are just a few short months away from Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week as well and no question there will be lots to talk about regarding that!

What can you expect from PCBN as we open 2015? Here’s a sample:

The PCBN Mobile App – I am working on an easy-to-use app that will keep you connected to PCBN’s social media accounts, blog, and craft beer happenings right from your phone and/or tablet. Keep your eyes peeled, this will be coming soon!

Blog Features – The PCBN blog will be coming to life with more features in 2015. You got your first look at Hops & The City by Angelica Ross. She’ll have more for you coming soon.

New Features to hit the Blog in the upcoming few weeks are:

Ask The Brewers – This feature will be in video format and allow you to ask your favorite local brewers any questions about their beers, their breweries, their events, and their brewing processes.

Pittsburgh Beer of the Month – Each month, we will feature one local beer that you have to try!

Beer Focus – This feature will help you get to know a new craft beer destination in the Pittsburgh region each month.

Podcast – Details are still being ironed out regarding a PCBN podcast, but I’ll be sure to deliver said details once I have them. Stay tuned…

This, ladies and gents, is just the tip of the iceberg! The overall objective will be to deliver as much fun and informative information through the PCBN Blog as possible. So bookmark it today and stay tuned for a lot of great stuff!

As PCBN continues to evolve, I will be making revisions to the Craft Beer Happenings section to help keep you updated on the events going down week-to-week in Pittsburgh.

Again, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support in the launch of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network. I’m truly looking forward to what 2015 will bring for ALL of us in the Pittsburgh craft beer community!


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