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One of my favorite elements of craft beer is the artistry involved in producing the spirits we love. Brewers take special care in producing the greatest product they can surmise, keeping uniqueness in mind while catering to what their loyalists have come to know and love from their brand. This is not unlike an intricate sculpture, complex painting, or an award-winning dish at a 5-star restaurant. Attention to detail is where it’s at, and that’s what makes artistry shine when it comes to the craft beers we enjoy today.

On a personal level, I like to take in all aspects of the bars I frequent. Beer options are my first priority, but I also look at food, comfort level, knowledge and overall attitude of the staff, friendliness of fellow patrons, the overall ambiance…all this tells me whether I’ve found a place I want to A) come back to, B) tell all my friends about, and C) blog about.

One cool feature that makes a bar stand out is chalk art. There’s something to be said for a well-designed mural that accurately describes events at the bar, beer offerings, or captures the overall theme of what’s happening inside those particular walls. And capturing those elements takes a special artist to really bring it to life.

This Pittsburgh Bridge Mural was designed by Morgan Windsheimer of Chalked n Loaded, displayed at Caliente’s in Bloomfield

That said, I’d like to give a nod to my friend Morgan Windsheimer, who specializes in chalk art and created Chalked n Loaded. Her work is exceptional, and any establishment looking to enhance their overall decor should take a look at her work.

If you’ve ventured into Caliente’s Pizza and Draft House recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen Morgan’s visual poetry donning the walls and amplifying the room! She has a knack for detail and is looking to spread her creativity all over the Steel City, one chalkboard at a time.

Click Here to check out Chalked n Loaded’s Facebook Page and contact Morgan regarding your next project, and take a look at a few of her samples below:


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