VIDEO: Sneak Preview of the ALL-NEW Power Hour Podcast

I’m baaaaaaack!

For all intents and purposes, I never actually went anywhere. But my former podcast did. Over a Couple of Beers is officially in the history books. But from the ashes of a podcast fallen has risen a new internet radio show with a new name, a new format, and a new direction. New, new, new.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit for your approval: The Breaking Brews Power Hour Podcast! This fresh, shiny new show will hit you right in the boozy feels every Wednesday evening and fill your ears with education, commentary, opinion, insight, and humor regarding beer, spirits, mead, wine, cider, or any other libation I damn well feel like talking about. We will be zeroing in on different topics in the adult beverage world and, in half an hour or less, give you something to really think about. Some weeks, it’ll be just you and me hanging out. Other episodes, I will welcome personalities from the alcohol world to generate some saucy banter and gain what’s guaranteed to be insightful viewpoints.

The WORLD PREMIERE episode of The Power Hour Podcast will air Wednesday, May 17th. But, because I love you guys so stinkin’ much…below is a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW of the debut episode!

When the first full episode hits the airwaves next week, you’ll be able to listen via Breaking Brews, Buzzsprout, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. I recommend subscribing to the show via any of the last three options, but drink it in however you choose…it always goes down smooth.

Here we go…PREVIEW TIME!













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