VIDEO: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 Compilation

The 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week has come and gone for 2014, but in its wake it left much anticipation for not only next year’s extravaganza, but an amplified craft beer scene in Pittsburgh for the rest of the year to come. If one thing came from PCBW 2014, it’s one simple, undeniable truth: Pittsburgh loves its craft beer!

Throughout Craft Beer Week, I covered my adventures through the 10-day craft beer celebration in the My PCBW series. But I wanted to take things a little further. So, with the help of my good friend Brooke Franus, I compiled the following video of events, good times, and great people who made Craft Beer Week a tremendous event for us all. And while this only scratches the surface of all the original offerings, tap takeovers, bashes and festivals that unfolded, it encompasses the true element of what Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is all about: camaraderie.

The craft beer scene is spreading through Pittsburgh like a wild brush fire, and it’s thanks beer enthusiasts like you that have taken a stand against yellow, fizzy nonsense in a punch-top can that will keep that fire burning!

Enjoy the video, and let’s keep the craft beer momentum rolling through 2014 and beyond.






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