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Knocking the Dust Off…

Technically, Breaking Brews never went away. It’s always been active. However, the amount of posts, as well as the time and dedication I devoted to it, undoubtedly took a dip as I poured my heart and soul into making the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network our city’s #1 craft beer resource for each and every one of you. I continue this mission daily…but through all that effort, something was missing for me personally.

Taken at The Beer Market - PittsburghIn case you didn’t know, Breaking Brews was (and is) my first leap into blogging about craft beer. It was how I chose to voice my love for the industry and feature local bars and breweries across Pittsburgh in a way that showcased their dedication to bringing craft beer to all of us rabid enthusiasts. It was a way of furthering my own education and knowledge on craft beer…actually drinking the beer played a big role in that knowledge expansion as well, but penning my thoughts and opinions certainly added another layer to the overall consumption. For you and for me.

I can still remember, with vivid detail, the very night the whole idea for this mission smacked me in the face. Sitting at The Beer Market, East End Big Hop in hand, a patron dead set on chugging down a pre-Pirates game Miller Lite in a bar that doesn’t serve Miller Lite was up in arms about the unbelievable and death-defying absence of his favorite macro beer. As the bartender made suggestions for him and his ignorance meter shattered into thousands of jagged pieces atop the bar, he looked right at me and said those magic wheel-turning words: “How does this place think it’s gonna survive without Miller or Bud products?”

Really? My response was, “Look around you. This place is packed and they don’t serve food. They must be doing something right.”

And that’s all it took. One simple statement made me realize that many, many people simply didn’t know what tremendous beer options were at their disposal. And even if I played a small part in changing that, I’d be playing a part nonetheless. So I went to work and took a few months to determine the direction I wanted to take, and Breaking Brews was born on February 10th, 2014. I could go on and on, but if you want to read more about the birth of a beer blog, click here or here.

I was thrilled with the response Breaking Brews received and, based on feedback and blog visitors, I knew I was on to something. Breaking Brews featured craft beer education, commentary, opinion, and a monthly feature called the Craft Beer Spotlight that focused on destinations across Pittsburgh doing great things with craft beer. Through this platform, I met so many great people and experienced the inner workings of so many great venues.

Through these connections, the Breaking Brews platform evolved into the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network…a resource I’m dedicated to improving and building upon each and every day with the mindset of unifying the efforts of craft beer and other adult beverage entities in our region. You and every other craft beer enthusiast needs a single place to learn about events, enhance your knowledge about craft beer, interact with other beer enthusiasts, and much more. In other words, you deserve an active community to celebrate your love affair with craft beer.

That’s what PCBN is all about.

But as I mentioned, something was missing. Through all the growth and development of PCBN, my attention to Breaking Brews had waned and that made me sad. As corny as this is going to sound, I felt like I was neglecting the girl who brought me to the dance. Try as I might, I couldn’t put the time I wanted into creating solid content for both entities, and Breaking Brews suffered because of it.

But never once did I consider eliminating it altogether. In fact, the second I removed from my email signature, I felt like a small part of me died (again, corny). That’s when the wheels started turning once again on how Breaking Brews could be incorporated into the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network. And as you’re experiencing right now, Breaking Brews is now The Official Blog of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network!

Welcome back, old friend.

This post was in no way designed to be self-serving, but rather serve as an outlet to further express my love for Pittsburgh’s thriving craft beer scene and for you, the craft beer enthusiast, who have made it so. My role in this crazy game is to simply promote, educate, inform, and have fun at all costs in a world where the end products perpetuate just that. The brewers working tirelessly to push the envelope and give you something new to enjoy and me something new to blog about, as well as the bars and other entities who feature incredible devotion to giving us the best craft beer options to enjoy…they are the ones that deserve the accolades. And through Breaking Brews, that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

Here’s what you can expect from Breaking Brews:

  • Features from the PCBN Blog will now be featured on Breaking Brews! Hops & The City by Angelica Ross kicked things off and you can check out her post here. You can also learn about our monthly PCBN Connect Sponsors here, too.
  • The return of Craft Beer Spotlight! Look for a new in-depth feature on some of your favorite destinations all across Pittsburgh coming soon.
  • The return of Defining The Craft! This column is designed to break down different beer styles and provide you with easy-to-absorb information about various beers, as well as other useful elements in the brewing process, beer packaging, and more
  • Continuous local, regional, and national craft beer information, commentary, and opinion from the Breaking Brews Blogging Alliance (more info on how you can join the BBBA coming soon)
  • Recaps of craft beer events and festivals throughout the Pittsburgh region
  • A dedication to providing the BEST craft beer coverage in the city
  • A new logo (coming soon)

Breaking Brews was born from one simple statement and a cubic crap ton of sweat equity. I love the growth this blog and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network have experienced and I owe you and every craft beer enthusiast who has helped shaped my original vision of what this community could become an enormous THANK YOU. You keep on drinking the beers, whiskeys, and wines, and supporting the Pittsburgh libation scene, and we’ll keep blogging about it. Deal?

Good talk. See you out there!





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