Thank You, Sherris

Many of you have probably heard about PA Brew Tours. I have been partners with them for close to one year now and have worked closely with them and their parent company, Pittsburgh Transportation Group, to build their brand and increase brewery tourism throughout Pittsburgh. I featured PA Brew Tours in the 2016’s kickoff edition of Craft Beer Spotlight and even serve as a tour guide myself, helping introduce craft beer enthusiasts to the tremendous breweries we have scattered across our region.

Sherris MoreiraWhat many of you probably don’t know is this: There is a team of individuals who are responsible for the growth and success of this division of the Pittsburgh Transportation Group and all their hard work has truly put PA Brew Tours on the map. But, leading them all with one of the most infectiously positive attitudes and copious work ethics is one person: Sherris Moreira.

I met Sherris at the beginning of 2015 when I was in the beginning phases of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network and can honestly say I’ve never met anyone since that possesses the unwavering dedication to making Pittsburgh’s libations scene better than Sherris. Her work is often behind the scenes, but those of us who work with her close know that her behind-the-scenes effort knows no time constraints. Nine-to-five isn’t in her vocabulary and I’ve lost count of how many past-midnight email exchanges we’ve had revolving around what we can do to keep enhancing all the great things Pittsburgh’s libations scene has within it.

She’s made PA Brew Tours tick. She’s brought countless individuals to breweries via buses and shuttles who may have never ventured to those areas of town due to a tunnel or a bridge inconveniently placed between them and home. The work she’s put forth should not go unnoticed and it’s been a catalyst for a world of opportunity opening in Pittsburgh’s tourism sector.

I bring all this up because one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning for Sherris. For those of you who didn’t hear the news, Sherris has accepted a new position: Executive Director of the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce. She will be stepping down from her post with the Pittsburgh Transportation Group to travel a new path…one that she has chosen to travel for all the right reasons. Her post is being left in very capable hands and another close friend of mine, Tim Harden, the man behind our city’s best brisket sandwich via Pittsburgh Smokehouse, is taking the reins. I’m confident in saying that, with such tremendous shoes to fill, Tim is the man for the challenge.

To anyone who has ever taken a tour, booked a last-minute tour reservation, or gotten to know our city a little better, chances are incredible that happened because of Sherris. All of us owe a tremendous thank you to Sherris for the work she’s done and will continue to do. Her legacy will continue to shine and all the hours of work she poured into making libations tourism incredible in Pittsburgh will be carried on for years to come.

Sherris, thank you for being a great business partner who I’m proud to call a friend. What you’ve done to help me build my brand and reach so many people cannot be expressed in just words. Thank you for letting me blow off steam when needed. And, you’re welcome for letting you do the same. 🙂

Best of luck in everything you do.









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