Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: 2015 Mashup

2015 Craft Beer Spotlight Mashup As we turn the calendar to December and prepare to close the curtain on 2015, we can look back on a very prosperous year for the Pittsburgh craft beer scene. Many established destinations have either… Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Beer of the Month: Brew Gentlemen Mammoth

December 2015 There’s no denying…we are in particularly lucky times in Pittsburgh right now, weather-wise. Early December and hardly any accumulation of snow on the ground. Thanks to Twitter, I learned that there’s simply no chance of making everyone happy… Continue Reading

Pierogies and Craft Beer: What’s Not to Love?

For as long as I can remember, pierogies have been a part of my life. When my sister and I were wee little tikes, our grandmother used to babysit us daily while Mom and Dad were off at work. We… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company

As we welcome 2015 into our lives, we unquestionably have a lot to look forward to in Pittsburgh. We’ve successfully navigated our way through another holiday season, the weather has been warmer than normal, which should help make the upcoming… Continue Reading

Blood, Sweat, and Beer: YOUR Chance To Support the Craft Beer Revolution!

The growth of craft beer in America has featured some arduous stories of struggle, hardship, and unpredictability.  But through all the trials and tribulations the major players in these stories face as they work day and night to fulfill their… Continue Reading

Halloween with The Brew Gentlemen and The Independent Brewing Company

It seems like yesterday that the bright rays of summer filled the humid air and you walked through any department store and thought to yourself, “Really…Halloween candy already?” Another memorable season of fun in the sun has come and gone… Continue Reading