Craft Beer Spotlight: Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant

February 2016 – Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant At just about every juncture, the city of Pittsburgh has re-established itself as one of the best cities with the brightest futures in the country. Tourism is booming, the arts and cultural… Continue Reading

Beer & Music: The Jams That Fuel Craft Brewing Inspiration in Pittsburgh

If there’s one thing in life that you can always depend on, it’s this: Music makes everything better. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. I was just recently faced with the mundane task of cleaning out and organizing my garage.… Continue Reading

Female Brewers Take Center Stage at Unite Red: Jambieree

Back in the day…I’m talking centuries ago, women ruled the brewhouses. In fact, prior to the Industrial Revolution, 92% of beer was brewed by women. However, post-Industrial Revolution, that number waned significantly and brewing shifted to factories operated by men.… Continue Reading

9 Extraordinary Craft Beer Destinations In Pittsburgh – Part IV

Welcome back! Pittsburgh is alive with fun, excitement, character, and tremendous craft beer establishments, is it not?! Since starting the “9 Extraordinary Craft Beer Destinations In Pittsburgh” series, we’ve seen many places open their doors and many more established locations… Continue Reading