Craft Beer Spotlight: Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant

February 2016 – Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant At just about every juncture, the city of Pittsburgh has re-established itself as one of the best cities with the brightest futures in the country. Tourism is booming, the arts and cultural… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: PA Brew Tours

As we roll into 2016, the expectations for Pittsburgh’s adult beverage scene could not be greater. If the previous 365 days serve as an indicator, enthusiasts all across the region have a lot to look forward to. New bars, new… Continue Reading

SHORT POUR: PCBN and Spoonwood Brewing Featured on the Marta on the Move Podcast

Short Pour is a Breaking Brews feature that delivers craft beer news, information, and entertainment in 250 words or less. It’s all the info you need and none of the filler you don’t. PCBN and Spoonwood Brewing Join the Marta… Continue Reading

[PODCAST] OACOB: Episode 28 – It’s The Wood That Makes It Good

“It’s the wood that makes it good.” — Newman, Seinfeld In a recent blog post, I made the comment that 2016 was going to be a pretty big year for barrel-aged beer in Pittsburgh. You’d be hard-pressed to find a… Continue Reading

Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 27 – Levity and Noble Stein Collaborate (for a podcast)

It’s the 2016 Over a Couple of Beers kickoff show! And what better way to get the ball rolling than to sit down with two breweries just a few short months away from opening their doors and bringing more good… Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Teams Up with Pour For A Cure

The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is pleased to announce a partnership with Pour For A Cure, a craft beer event being held Friday, January 22nd at the US Steel Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh. This event is entering its 6th year… Continue Reading