November’s PCBN Connect Sponsor: Smokin’ Joe’s Saloon

Smokin’ Joes Saloon on Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s infamous South Side is one of most notable craft beer bars in Pittsburgh. They’ve made a name for themselves by jam-packing the coolers with plenty of craft bottle options, as well as… Continue Reading

Beer & Music: The Jams That Fuel Craft Brewing Inspiration in Pittsburgh

If there’s one thing in life that you can always depend on, it’s this: Music makes everything better. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. I was just recently faced with the mundane task of cleaning out and organizing my garage.… Continue Reading

SHORT POUR: Rivertowne Brewing Partners with Pennies from Heaven-Pittsburgh

Short Pour is a Breaking Brews feature that delivers craft beer news, information, and entertainment in 250 words or less. It’s all the info you need and none of the filler you don’t. Rivertowne Brewing Partners with Pennies from Heaven-Pittsburgh… Continue Reading

The Breaking Brews Revival

Knocking the Dust Off… Technically, Breaking Brews never went away. It’s always been active. However, the amount of posts, as well as the time and dedication I devoted to it, undoubtedly took a dip as I poured my heart and… Continue Reading

Celebrate All Things Local at Bocktown’s Localfest 2015!

If you haven’t been to Bocktown Beer & Grill lately, you’ve been missing out on a lot. Solid beer, killer food, and an environment conducive to craft beer knowledge, love, and appreciation. In addition, Bocktown’s devotion to embracing the ideals… Continue Reading

[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 20 – Day Beers at Helltown Brewing

We were truly excited to sit down with Dan and Brian from Helltown Brewing and get to know more about this awesome local brewery. In my experience, I’ve compared many of their beers to some of the bigger beers you… Continue Reading

Rivertowne Brewing Presents: 2015 Rhythm and Brews Featuring Rusted Root

The month of August is jam-packed with some great happenings in the Steel City! I guess it’s only fitting we start to wind down summer with a plethora of events to remind us how truly awesome this time of year… Continue Reading

July’s PCBN Connect Sponsor: The Pub & Pourhouse

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.” — James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo (1994) Every now and then, it’s… Continue Reading