SHORT POUR: Brew Gentlemen to Host Harvest Dinner at Eleven

Short Pour is a Breaking Brews feature that delivers craft beer news, information, and entertainment in 250 words or less. It’s all the info you need and none of the filler you don’t. Brew Gentlemen Hosting Harvest Dinner at Eleven… Continue Reading

#PCBW Mashup: Days 5 & 6 – App Download Event Take Two, They Were Only Freshmen

PCBW Mashup, known last year as “My PCBW,” is a recap of the places my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week travels took me. Enjoy! I just saw a Facebook post from Meg Evans, brewer at Rock Bottom in The Waterfront, that… Continue Reading

[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 10 – Blood, Sweat, and Brew Gentlemen

Tonight’s episode of Over a Couple of Beers breaks our show count into double digits…in a big way. We were honored to have the creators of Blood, Sweat, and Beer, Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin, as well as Brew Gentlemen… Continue Reading

[PODCAST] Over a Couple of Beers: Episode 5 – Eleanor Robertson: Australian For Suck

Most of the time, I like to lean more towards the positive side of things. I like to keep things in perspective and learn from every experience that comes my way. Then, someone like Eleanor Robertson comes along and makes… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: Apis, Grist House, Brew Gentlemen, and Hitchhiker Turn One

Those familiar with wrestling folklore undoubtedly remember the impact The Four Horseman had on the industry. In the 80s, they sold out arenas all over the country for the now-defunct National Wrestling Alliance. They drew a fortune and are often… Continue Reading

Caliente Continues to Take Pizza and Beer to New Levels

I love pizza. Pretty bold statement, right? After all, it’s pretty hard to find a person who doesn’t. Cheese and sauce housed on a crust with a variety of different toppings like mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, and peppers. Baked to perfection… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company

As we welcome 2015 into our lives, we unquestionably have a lot to look forward to in Pittsburgh. We’ve successfully navigated our way through another holiday season, the weather has been warmer than normal, which should help make the upcoming… Continue Reading

As Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Goes Live, I’d Like To Thank…

On Monday, December 8th, the next step in the mission I embarked upon a little over a year ago goes live. The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network website goes up and my vision for PCBN is to provide craft beer enthusiasts… Continue Reading