Craft Beer Spotlight: Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant

February 2016 – Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant At just about every juncture, the city of Pittsburgh has re-established itself as one of the best cities with the brightest futures in the country. Tourism is booming, the arts and cultural… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: PA Brew Tours

As we roll into 2016, the expectations for Pittsburgh’s adult beverage scene could not be greater. If the previous 365 days serve as an indicator, enthusiasts all across the region have a lot to look forward to. New bars, new… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: 2015 Mashup

2015 Craft Beer Spotlight Mashup As we turn the calendar to December and prepare to close the curtain on 2015, we can look back on a very prosperous year for the Pittsburgh craft beer scene. Many established destinations have either… Continue Reading

Craft Beer Spotlight Archives: The Modern Cafe

Redefining the Mom & Pop Destination It’s Friday morning on Pittsburgh’s North Side and all is calm and tranquil. Parking spaces are abundant, noise levels is minimal, and Pittsburghers in the neighborhood on this sunny, Indian Summer-esque October morning are… Continue Reading

How to Join the Breaking Brews Blogging Alliance

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The Breaking Brews Revival

Knocking the Dust Off… Technically, Breaking Brews never went away. It’s always been active. However, the amount of posts, as well as the time and dedication I devoted to it, undoubtedly took a dip as I poured my heart and… Continue Reading