SPECIAL FEATURE: Bill’s Bar & Burger Pittsburgh Turns One

As craft beer enthusiasts, we are captivated by the steady rise beer has experienced in America over the past several years. But mirroring this spike in high-quality beer has been that of high-quality, artisanal foods. Like craft brewers willing to throw the rule books in the trash heap and experiment with adult beverages that don’t fit the “standard guidelines,” culinary experts from around the globe are elevating classic foods and transforming them into edible masterpieces. It’s hard to pull up Facebook these days without running smack dab into one of those quick food preparation videos…

…and I’ll be damned if they don’t make me hungry every single time.

Bills Blackboard 2One of the most popular elevated food items available in cities across this wild, crazy country are burgers. Growing up, the contents of my burgers were as consistent as gravity: Bun. Meat. Cheese. Lettuce. Tomato. Ketchup. Done. I firmly believed I had discovered the food equivalent to E=mc² when I added mayo on a whim one day. But today, from the style of your bun to everything in between (see what I did there?), these American classics are positively a limitless tapestry of possibilities.

And, as luck would have it, they pair unbelievably well with craft beers! God bless America.

As far as the eye can see, bars and restaurants across the country have stepped up their game and become destinations by adding popular craft beer options, carefully crafted cocktails, and elevated food items to their menus. One of those destinations putting craft burgers on the map is Bill’s Bar & Burger, whose Pittsburgh bar and restaurant is localted on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. Bill’s can be found at the base of the Westin Pittsburgh Hotel and is just a short walk from Consol Energy Center and David L. Lawrence Convention Center. They offer a wide variety of craft beer on draft to pair with a diverse selection of entrees, including a superb lineup of signature burgers.

Bill’s recently featured the CheeseBURGHer, pictured below, as their Burger of the Week during #BillsBurgerMonth.


You can peruse the entire food and beer menu, but just so you know I’m steering you (I did it again) in the right direction, here’s the current burger menu:

Bill's Pittsburgh Burger Menu

A burger on an English Muffin. Never thought I’d see the day…

Bill’s Bar & Burger in Pittsburgh is one of five locations in the Bill’s family. They also have destinations in Downtown New York, New York’s Meatpacking District, Rockefeller Center, and Atlantic City. They also have a high-end steakhouse in Las Vegas to their credit. The theme behind Bill’s is to present approachable, yet elevated food items with burgers leading the charge combined with a laid-back, “every-man’s” approach to adult libations. Long-time readers of Breaking Brews know the magic doesn’t just happen inside the drinking glass; it’s the good times shared and relationships built while experiencing these products that drive life. With over 1.9 million burgers sold, Bill’s is dedicated to consistently creating those memorable experiences at each and every juncture.

Bills GardenBill’s has been part of the Pittsburgh community for one year and threw an incredible anniversary party last night to celebrate. The evening featured samples of several new items on Bill’s menu. New Executive Chef Michael Vignola manned the grill on the newly-opened outdoor garden that faces Liberty Avenue against a backdrop of light, pesky rain and live music while serving up a slew of absolutely mouth-watering meats, including beef bacon, prime rib, kielbasa, and more (pictured right). Dessert samples including a Reese’s Pieces peanut butter milkshake and double fudge brownies made their way around the room, as did plenty of hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. If anyone left this shindig hungry, they did it wrong.

Oh, and anyone that says their wedding day is the best day of their life has never tried Bill’s bourbon mustard. Incredible. Just sayin’.

Bill’s has an unwavering devotion to local and regional libations and several were on hand to sample their wares, including Helltown Brewing, East End Brewing, Church Brew Works, Fat Head’s, Troeg’s, Victory, Wigle Whiskey, and Jack’s Cider. Offerings from these popular craft purveyors can regularly be found on Bill’s beer and cocktail menu. They strive to keep their beverage program and food sourcing local as much as possible.

As Bill’s enters its second year in Pittsburgh, their mission is to continue connecting with the local beer and culinary scene by offering you the very best experiences each time you visit. Their convenient location at the tip of Downtown makes for an easy stop before Penguins games and events at Consol, the Convention Center, and shopping on The Strip. With delectable burgers, craft beer, and craft cocktails all grabbing a piece of the spotlight, Bill’s Bar & Burger is the place you want to be today.

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