Slam Into Awesome with Rhinegeist’s Crash Pale Ale

I’m sure it’s not just me, but I’ve really been digging the Rhinegeist brand since they broke into Pittsburgh at the beginning of 2017. Truth IPA has quickly become one of my go-to beverages and one I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve enjoyed in the shower on a number of occasions.

The folks at the Rhinegeist brewery in Cincinnati must’ve had ringing ears for my affection because last week, a care package arrived at my door featuring Crash Pale Ale. This beer has been out and about in the Pittsburgh market since September and will remain available til the end of November. Being one that loves to do the math for you, that means you’ve only got one month to get your hands on this super crushable, extra hoppy pale.

Crash features Azacca, Equinox, and Cascade hops and delivers notes of citrus, peach, and tropical fruits. I could go on about the color, but…well, just look at the picture, my dude.

I touched base with Ali Wyrostek, Pittsburgh’s Rhinegeist representative extraordinaire to get her take on Crash and she pretty much summed it up with the following: “I’ve been drinking my own weight in it.”

The girl knows how to party.

The name ‘Rhinegeist’ translates to ‘Ghost of the Rhine’ and refers to their home in the historic Over-the-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati. The Rhinegeist brewery was built within the skeleton of the Moerlein bottling plant from 1895. They’ve been distributing in Pittsburgh since February of 2017.

Find Crash and other hop-forward offerings, as well as refreshing ciders, from Rhinegeist at your favorite beer retailers and on tap throughout the Pittsburgh region.











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