SHOW NOTES: Episode 8 – Jaron Barton of The Craft Beer Industry Podcast

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  • Learning about The Craft Beer Industry Podcast
  • ABI’s investment in RateBeer
  • Urging more people to start podcasts, blogs, etc.

Quotes from Jaron

“I want my listeners to get to know the people behind the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh. Sometimes it can be a nameless, faceless thing. You just see the name of a beer up on a board and I want to get to know the people behind that.”

“I’ve had a lot of guests tell me that they love the format and what I’m trying to do with it is to get everyone to open up and make a show that people can listen to if they want to know more about the industry.”

“Most podcasts are about the beer or the brewery. It doesn’t get into their (guest’s) real life, so that’s what I like to do.”

“It’s great to get to come back to these places and people are happy to see you and you get to see how far they’ve come.”

“When you go into a bar now, you’ll see the beer on a digital board and they have ratings from Untappd, BeerAdvocate, etc. And you think of something like Rotten Tomatoes. How integrated are you seeing that now? Every commercial has the ’95 out of 100′ or ‘this gets a 63 on Tomato Meter.’ Are they (AB InBev) thinking down the line that his is another area where they can influence people?”

Quotes from Jason

“You’ve connected with some great people and, as a beer consumer first, it helped me connect with people I know on a personal level and get to know more about what they do. And it’s helped me connect to some people that I never met, too.”

“I’ll be the first to say: As a podcaster, as a blogger, as a person who’s creating content on multiple levels here in Pittsburgh, we need more of it. So anyone out there who’s thinking about doing a podcast, a video blog, or a regular blog about beer, spirits, you name it…I welcome it. Do it!”

“You gotta find what you’re comfortable with and what you excel at. For me, it’s writing. But it’s always a ‘struggle of love’ to get better at everything I’m not as good at.”

“My whole mindset with this whole idea has always been ‘I would not be here if it weren’t for them (brewers, reps, bar owners, anyone in the libations industry).'”


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