SHOW NOTES: Episode 7 – Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Company

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  • Big beer buyouts
  • The state of craft beer today
  • Where is the industry heading?
  • What’s next for Stone Brewing Company?

Quotes from Greg

“Beer is sexy. That’s a very sexy word in my book.”

“The previous height of brewing was in about 1882 when there was more than 3,000 breweries in the United States. And there was a slow steady decline up to 1979 when we ended up with just 42 breweries in the entire country. Who was responsible for that? Big beer.”

“I refuse to be numbed. Because that’s their (big beer’s) goal. They wants us to be numb. They want us to not care.”

“I will never sell out to ‘the man.’ Why? Because I love this shit.”

“Beer is capable of being great art. And great art is better when it has a point of view. Therefore, beer is better when it has a point of view.”

“I think the world needs whacko oddballs like me. At least I think they do.”

“There’s 5,000+ independent, passionate craft breweries to choose from out there. Just choose one of those.”

Quotes from Jason

“Personally, I’m not a big RateBeer fan. I’m all about the beer that’s in front of me and I’m going to make my own assessment. I don’t need to see what somebody else thought about it to dictate what I’m going to drink.”

“No, rants NEVER happen on this podcast (eye roll).”

“You’ve done some tremendous things without having to sell your brand. Why don’t they (breweries who have sold out) feel if they apply themselves in a similar fashion or seek you out for advice to build their brand without selling out?”

“I’ve noticed with big beer ads that the whole mindset has shifted because they understand what craft drinkers look for. It’s freshness. It’s quality. They’re not throwing hot girls in bikinis in front of us anymore. I heard on a commercial that Heineken brews their beer with Cascade hops. I’ve never heard that before nor had I ever questioned what hops they used.”


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