SHOW NOTES: Episode 6-2 – Scott Neeley of KingView Mead

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  • The Mead For Bees Initiative
  • The Direction of the Mead, Wine, and Cider Business
  • Expansion Plans for KingView Mead
  • Where to Find KingView Mead Products

Quotes from Scott

“We give away hives and supplies to people without asking for anything in return. It addresses many of the issues we are having in the world with bee decline.”

“Beekeeping is a noble profession and that’s why we call it (Mead For Bees) the ‘noble cause.'”

“I like to challenge myself. We’ve done very well with mead and going into wine and cider was just another challenge for me. Could I make top quality wine and top quality cider?”

“The focus is on the quality of the product. It’s been interesting to see how well some of these products have gone for us.”

“If you build a company, you should build it for a reason. And that reason should not be because you want to make a ton of money. If we are going to make any positive changes in the world, it’s because you’re doing something to make a positive difference for everybody.”

“I think people are going to drink a little bit more of everything now.”

“If anyone wants our product in a location, let me know (email and I’ll reach out to them.”

Quotes from Jason

“We’ve seen the world of beer take off and a lot of that can be attributed to homebrewers mastering their craft, then going pro. We haven’t seen mead and cider take off to that capacity yet.”

“If I’m not mistaken, I think people take weekend excursions to Grove City to shop at the outlets. So it’s pretty cool that you’re building the ‘adult beverage Xanadu,’ especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to spend a whole day shopping.”

“Pittsburgh Libations Week is going to be a celebration of everything we’ve got going on. Pittsburgh has a kick-ass culture right now.”


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