SHOW NOTES: Episode 6-1 – Scott Neeley of KingView Mead

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Episode 6, Part 1 of 2 Show Notes


  • Background on KingView Mead
  • How Mead is Made
  • The Scope of the Mead Business
  • Where is the Mead Industry Headed
  • Mead Laws and Regulations

Quotes from Scott

“One of the things that puts a crutch on mead is that it’s easy to make, it’s hard to make well, and it’s very hard to make it consistently well. You’ve gotta have a solid product before you go to the public.”

“I refer to mead as the ‘grandfather of alcohol.’ The oldest recipe written is from 6,000 B.C.”

“It’s the oldest alcohol in existence. It’s grown in popularity across the world and is still very popular in many parts. A lot of the eastern countries like Ireland and Scotland make a large amount of it.”

“Shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ have helped bring mead back into the light.”

“It (mead) won’t go as crazy as craft beer because it’s so expensive to make.”

“I’d say 1 out of 100 people don’t like anything from us, or mead in general.”

Quotes from Jason

“Mead seems like it’s reached popularity over the course of the last 5-10 years. I don’t think I had heard of it other than in Beowulf back in high school.”

“I’ll try anything because I’m always curious what else is out there for me to consume. And the first time I had mead I said ‘Oooh, where have you been?’ And I’ve loved it ever since.”

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