SHOW NOTES: Episode 5 Part 2 – Beer Talk w/ East End Brewing’s Scott Smith

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Episode 5, Part 2 of 2 Show Notes


  • Continued conversation of big beer intrusion into the craft beer world
  • Our role as consumers and what we can do to keep the craft beer movement going forward


Quotes From Scott

“‘If I like the beer, what don’t I just drink what I like? Why should I care about the ownership structure?’ And that’s a subtle conversation to have.”

“I’m waiting for a Yelp review from a restaurant to say, ‘Well, I had the featured entree and it was just too flavorful. Could you maybe bring the flavor down a notch?'”

“Now we are talking about beers that taste like those of a small producer but…isn’t.”

“That beer probably has not changed at all since when you drank it back in the day. But your palate has changed over time.”

“I see a move towards more diverse local players. We are going back to a model that was Pre-Prohibition when beer was more regionally focused.”

“We certainly haven’t hit any point of saturation. But are we going to see another national brand? Is there enough business in each state to reach a national status? It’s getting harder and harder for those to exist because there’s more competition locally.”

“Talk to the people who make your beer. You might be surprised what you learn.”

Quotes From Jason

“It was circulating for a reason, and I think it’s because we are back at square one with the question ‘Is ‘craft beer’ the term we are going to continue to use going forward?’ It seems like the term ‘craft’ is more prevalent than the term ‘microbrew’ ever was.”

“It seems like this is all going to lead to more issues for smaller brands that aren’t under that (big beer) flag.”

“PA hasn’t had anybody sell out, have they? At least not in recent memory.”

“You know what? I haven’t had a Killian’s Red in years, so I’m just going to see. And that shit tasted like syrup.”

“I think we are in an incredibly fortunate spot right now to have the options we have because this did not exist five years ago. We had a lot of brands, but the beer wasn’t produced 30 feet from where we sat.”


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