SHOW NOTES: Episode 5 – Beer Talk w/ East End Brewing’s Scott Smith

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Episode 5, Part 1 of 2 Show Notes


  • The Intrusion of big beer into craft beer brands
  • Do small breweries plan an exit strategy when they start their business?
  • Big beer’s impact on the beer world as we move forward


Quotes From Scott

In reference to Wicked Weed: “What they do and how they do it is very polished. They have a very strong brand identity and that’s represented in their packaging, it’s represented in their staff, it’s represented in the interactions and the logo.”

“I don’t know if I’d say it was ‘built’ for resale, but it was designed with value in mind.”

“The time we have on this planet is limited. You can only do it for so long. If you don’t have an heir apparent to hand it off to, someone’s going to buy it from you and you’ll have to go through some sort of process. But the big question is ‘who do you sell it to?'”

“We’ve not been without hop shortages in the past decade as is. As small brewers, we draw on hop styles and varieties that are a small subset of what the big guys run. If they want all the Galaxy hops in the world, they can buy all the Galaxy hops in the world and take them out back and burn them if they want.”


Quotes From Jason

“You have a completely different perspective because 13 years ago, this wasn’t a topic of conversation whatsoever. And now, with new breweries coming along and opening, you have to wonder what the mindset is as big beer’s presence continues to make its impression.”

“Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, the plot thickens…”

“One of the canned responses that seems to come up is that they’re going to help the brand grow and get more exposure. From a distribution aspect, that’s very true. But it seems that many of these brand develop cult followings to where they’re already very well known. Like Wicked Weed, for example, is very popular in craft beer circles and seemed to have a pretty decent footprint in the market.”















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