SHOW NOTES: Episode 15 – New Brewery Chronicles w/ Eleventh Hour Brewing

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  • Eleventh Hour soft and grand opening festivities
  • Unexpected soft opening obstacles
  • First beers brewed on the new brewing system
  • What’s on tap now

Episode 15 Breakdown

  • 2:16 – Recap of the soft and grand openings
  • 4:04 – Matt’s unexpected activity prior to the first soft opening
  • 7:28 – Getting a little help from friends
  • 8:34 – The crowd’s reaction to Eleventh Hour’s first beers
  • 11:26 – Eleventh Hour’s first brew day
  • 17:11 – The initial lineup of beers at Eleventh Hour Brewing
  • 19:54 – Matt’s overall feelings with Eleventh Hour now up and running
  • 21:14 – Where Eleventh Hour is currently on tap across Pittsburgh



Photo courtesy of Eleventh Hour Brewing












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