SHOW NOTES: Episode 12 – Brewtal & Heavy Metal’s Influence On Craft Beer

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  • The Planning of Brewtal Beer Fest 2
  • What you should expect from this year’s event
  • Heavy metal’s influence on craft beer and vice versa

Quotes From Meg

“Music in general has an influence on beer and we saw those parallels, too.”

“We went beyond the bands that you would typically see at a beer fest and brought in the bands that we would want to see was really key in making Brewtal differentiated.”

“At Rock Bottom, we are always starting at 6am and I’m never ‘awake’ at that time no matter how long I’ve been brewing that early. So I usually need something with higher energy.”

“One of the big aspects we pushed for with Brewtal was to put bands and beer together. So we started pairing up the bands with different breweries to make collaboration beers that you can only get at the event. We’ll have six more more collaborations.”

Quotes From James

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“I just thought Brewtal was a really cool way to celebrate two things that I care very passionately about.”

“These are two of the only communities (beer and heavy metal) that have allowed me to take most of my clothes off and still accept me.”

“Brewtal helped forge friendships that, in maybe other circumstances, we wouldn’t have done.”

“There are a lot of people pouring their hearts out, whether it be into a glass or into your ears. Just come and listen and you’ll feel the passion from this event.”

Quotes From Brian

“We’ve been planning for pretty much the entire year. We started talking very early and by time February had rolled around, we were already having meetings and figuring out what we wanted to do.”

“Even if there’s no chance in hell of you being able to do something, at least let people know that you’re interested. Put yourself out there. It’s important.”

“People that are really into heavy metal are super passionate about it and people that are really into beer are super passionate, too. There’s definitely a crossroads that exists.”

“Age 25 was when I got into beer. I’m 31 now, so I’ve been into it for the past six years and I got into it pretty heavy.”

Quotes From Jason

“One of the aspects that I’ve learned from working on Pittsburgh Libations Week is the behind the scenes work that you do, people don’t see that. So I tip my cap to you guys because the work that goes into pulling off something of this magnitude is tremendous.”

“Any time I walk into the Spoonwood back room, there’s always some sort of heavy metal music blaring and I know that genre of music plays a heavy influence on beers that are made.”

“There are a lot of elements to Brewtal that go beyond the beer and beyond the music.”

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