SHOW NOTES: Episode 11 – Tim & Syma of Pittsburgh Winery

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  • Tasting different wine varieties and discovering flavor profiles
  • The history of Pittsburgh winery
  • Wine making history and processes
  • The Pittsburgh wine scene

Quotes from Tim

“There is no right or wrong. Everyone has a different palate. If it tastes good to you, then it’s good wine.”

“It’s relatively simple (wine making). As you get into it and do more, you learn more and find there are some complicated processes as well.”

“The barriers to entry for starting a winery are pretty substantial because of all the capital you need to make all the wine and get all the barrels and grapes, then wait 2-3 years before you really start making any money.”

“It’s uplifting. We make people happy from the moment they walk in the door.”

“We love the big, robust reds. We make all dry wine. A dry wine means there’s no sugar left. Fermentation is converting sugar to alcohol. There’s also the impression of dryness in that wine will make you pucker. And that’s because of the tannins in wine, which are found on the skin of grapes.”

Quotes from Syma

“We’re very non-traditional here. You can look around and see this is not your typical winery. And we’re not snobby either.”

“Drink your wine and enjoy. The more you drink, the more you learn. Try as much wine as you can.”

“The biggest challenge in starting a winery is time because we age all of our wines in barrels for two years.”

“I love being a regular somewhere and I love the sense of community that we’ve built here.”

“We’re known for big, bold wines.”

Quotes from Jason

“I’m here to broaden my beverage horizons. I’m what you’d define as a ‘wine novice.'”

“I know some people were apprehensive to go into craft beer because a segment treated it as this monumental thing that only certain people could understand. But at the heart of it, most people making it don’t act that way and the majority of people drinking it don’t act that way. And wine has gained a similar reputation. Where do you feel that stems from and I love what you guys are doing to crush that stereotype.”


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