SHOW NOTES: Episode 10 Part 2 – New Brewery Chronicles feat. Eleventh Hour Brewing

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  • Construction woes
  • Potential zoning issue
  • First brew date (NOTE: As of podcast release, Matt’s first AND second brews are in the books!)
  • Teasing a grand opening timeframe

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Quotes from Matt

“Our original floor was bowing in to the point that it looked like a bowl.”

“I think the vision that we had for the taproom, once we hit the design for where it was going to be…I think it’s really come to be what was in our heads.”

“…it’s a week and a half before you get a response and if you send them multiple emails, they start ‘losing your paperwork.'”

“Some of the petitions we got had asked ‘what are your biggest concerns?’ and the responses were ‘Public urination.’ ‘Vomiting.’ Really?”

ONE LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS EXPERIENCE: “Surround yourself with people who are really good at their jobs.”

Quotes from Keana

“We couldn’t wait to start tearing stuff apart!”

“I think the lesson here is before you sign a lease, especially on these old Pittsburgh buildings, make sure you get an engineer to check it out.”

“Our landlord has been the guardian angel of this project. He has gone above and beyond.”

“You’re going to have a lot of setbaacks when you go into an old building. You have to be flexible and you have to be able to say, ‘Yeah, I wanted it this way but that’s just not going to happen here.’ You just have to roll with it or you’re going to stress yourself out.”

ONE LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS EXPERIENCE: “Don’t expect too much too fast. It’s going to go slow. You have to realize that going into it.”

“We’re like a Starbucks with beer. It’s quite, it’s chill…”

Quotes from Jason

“We don’t have drinks. Damn. We’re off to a bad start here.”

“I think the underlying theme that I’m seeing with all this, especially if you’re coming into an older building, is to expect a lot of renovation and a lot of work to get the visual you have in your mind to come into reality.”

“A PSA for people who live near a brewery: Get over it. These guys are not starting keg parties. They’re starting legitimate businesses and the noise isn’t going to keep you awake at night. Plus, they normally close at a reasonable hour.”











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