SHOW NOTES: Episode 10 Part 1 – New Brewery Chronicles feat. Eleventh Hour Brewing

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  • The inspiration behind the name
  • Where Matt picked up his passion for brewing
  • The struggle it took Matt and Keana to find a home for 11th Hour Brewing


Quotes From Matt

“I’ve always enjoyed different styles of beer and the better styles of beer even when I was younger and in my college years.”

“Almost everyone to a T said they would’ve gotten a bigger brewing system when asked what they would’ve done differently when they started.”

“The craft beer community in Pittsburgh has been the best part of this so far. Outside of the second part that I get to work with my family every day, which is something I would’ve never been able to do at my other job.”

“If you’re able to have fun while you’re working, then you’re doing something right.”

Quotes From Keana

“…and since water is really important to beer, we need that.”

“Let’s not wait until the 11th hour of our lives to do what you want to do and follow your passion.”

“The festivals have been a lot of fun and meeting people out there.”

“For me, I’m still new to all this. Growing up, my dad was all Genny Cream Ale. So getting to taste the different beers and the different ways brewers come up with different recipes and integrate crazy stuff.”

Quotes From Jason

“With New Brewery Chronicles, we are going to be connecting with Matt and Keana over the next year to talk about every aspect of their first year in business.”

“Right now, we are talking about the early stages of the brewery and what it takes to get your ideas in motion. And as we progress, we can talk about things like taproom development and establishing a distribution footprint and painting a clear picture for you that if you’re aspiring to open a brewery, you have realistic expectations about what is coming.”












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