Short’s Brewing’s Nicie Set to Hit the Pittsburgh Market

shorts bottlesBellaire, Michigan-based Short’s Brewing Company burst onto the Pittsburgh scene in mid-March and has been introducing new product into the market, firmly establishing their arrival in this thriving craft beer hotbed. Those familiar with the Short’s brand were happy to see these offerings available in the Steel City and new fans have come on board since their launch just a brief couple months ago.

In early June, Short’s popular seasonal brew, Nicie, will be hitting the shelves at your distributors and the taps at your favorite watering holes. Nicie underwent a rebrand prior to this launch and was formerly known as Nicie Spicie. It’s an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and peppercorn.

I’d like to thank Short’s for setting me up with a couple samples of Nicie prior to its widespread launch starting Monday, May 23rd and its Pittsburgh launch in early June. This wheat ale is incredibly refreshing and the perfect beer to ring in Summer. As I sip this beer and write this feature, I look out my window and stare at nothing but rain. Nicie was made to be drank on the patio with the summer heat wrapping its hands around the day. For me, notes of lemon were the most prevalent with hints of pepper and orange. I’m wishing I could pair this beer with a solid lawn mowing, but I’ll enjoy it on the couch just the same.

The Nicie rebrand was completed in-house by Short’s Art Director, Jesse Den Herder, under the direction of Short’s founder and CEO, Joe Short. Short described his thoughts behind what the Nicie rebrand should embody as “Psychedelic, mythological, refreshing, spiritual, strong, sessionable, earthly, fantastic, desirable, quenching, peaceful, powerful, beautiful, goddess-like, deco, and elegant.”

Shorts Nicie PouredAccording to Den Herder, “Taking a non-objective approach and creating a character and personality for the beer was a direction that was more true to Short’s.” Nicie’s new artwork “uses the same colorway as the OG Nicie, but gives it a refreshing pop, so the delicious feel of the fruit is still part of the label experience.”

Nicie clocks in at 5.2% ABV and has an IBU score of 25. It has an orange-gold color and is light in body, infused with scents and flavors of fresh citrus. The subtle taste of coriander and spice of peppercorn add a layer of complexity to Nicie that you’ll welcome as the warm months prepare to unfold. An original Joe Short recipe and his self-proclaimed favorite beer, Nicie is described by Joe as “the essence of summer in a beer.”

Nicie will initially release across Short’s distribution markets in bottles and on draft, with cans soon to follow.

For more information about Short’s Brewing Company please visit You can also learn more about the Nicie rebrand here.


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