SHORT POUR: Wigle Whiskey to Open Threadbare Cider in 2016

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Wigle Whiskey Expanding and Branching Into Cider and Mead

Wigle WhiskeyWigle Whiskey’s distillery on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District has become one of the most popular businesses in Pittsburgh. Through their dedication to providing education while bringing innovative spirits to the market, combined with community outreach and the establishment of barrel-sharing relationships with dozens of craft beer breweries in the city, Wigle has become a household name.

With nearly four years of success under its belt, Wigle has decided to tackle the cider and mead arenas with the launch of a new sister company, Threadbare Cider, set to open in the Fall of 2016.

Check out the official Press Release from Wigle below. And, though we didn’t talk about this subject, you can tune into an ALL-NEW episode of the Over a Couple of Beers Podcast on Monday, February 8th as I sit down with Jill Steiner and David Harries from Wigle Whiskey to learn more about their business.



With the purchase of more than an acre-sized property in Pittsburgh’s Northside, the owners of Wigle Whiskey Distillery will open a Ciderhouse and Meadery and begin filling a new barrelhouse in the fall of 2016. This venture marks the largest investment in Pittsburgh alcohol in many years.


Inspired by the pursuits of John Chapman (better known as Johnny Appleseed), Threadbare Cider will bring the New American cider frontier to Pittsburgh – the original home of American cider.

“We believe the American cider industry is where craft beer was 15 years ago–incredibly ripe for innovation and exploration,” says Wigle owner Meredith Meyer Grelli. “We believe that the strengths of Wigle will transfer seamlessly to the new company. Threadbare will celebrate regional alcohol history and flavor as well as devote significant resources to innovation and global exploration.”

Cider is the fastest growing American alcohol segment.


The Wigle team has spent the last several of years exploring fermented apple and honey products through the development of Apple Whiskeys and Brandies as well as their Landlocked honey spirits line for the Distillery.

“As we fermented more and more fruits and honey for the still, we began to wish we could bottle some of the product for our curious customers before it hit the still. Threadbare will allow us to bring to the entire production process–from local fruit and honey to fermented ciders and meads all the way to distilled brandies and whiskeys–to the surface.” says Co-Owner Alex Grelli.

The product development team is currently exploring apple varietals, yeast strains, experimental adjuncts, and alternative fermentables. In 2016 the team also kicked off an exploration of cider styles worldwide.


The owners of Wigle & Threadbare share a background in community development and as with Wigle sites, the Threadbare site will be built as a community asset, bringing new energy to the re-awakening Spring Garden corridor of the Northside.

Threadbare will be located a couple of blocks from Wigle’s Whiskey Garden and Barrelhouse. Visitors to the Spring Garden neighborhood will be able to sample Wigle Whiskey, Threadbare Cider and Mead and Beer from Penn Brewery all within a several walkable blocks.


Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman lived alongside Wigle’s namesake in Pittsburgh during the Whiskey Rebellion. Chapman called downtown Pittsburgh his home and returned to the Monongahela riverbank often to collect apple seeds to disperse throughout the frontier. He grew apples from seed (rather than grafting) and so they weren’t great for eating but made fantastic alcoholic apple products. He wore a pot on his head and eschewed shoes. He donated his profits to animal shelters. In the spirit of embracing and celebrating quirky local history, Johnny Appleseed will serve as the primary inspiration for the Threadbare brand.







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