SHORT POUR: What Does JFP Stand For?

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Can Someone…Anyone…Tell Us What JFP Stands For?!

For those who may have missed the news, four breweries from Pittsburgh recently captured medals at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival at the beginning of October. Click here to get up to speed.

One of those breweries was Rivertowne Brewing, who brought home their first GABF medal with a Bronze for JFP Robust Porter in the…wait for it…Robust Porter category. JFP has been tweaked and perfected for a handful of years and that extra work by Head Brewer Dale Walters and the Rivertowne brew crew paid off at one of the most illustrious beer competitions in the world.

Now that the medal has safely arrived at the brewery and Rivertowne plans to make JFP part of its latest Tap 13 variety 24-pack in the upcoming weeks, the question on everyone’s minds is simply this: Just what does JFP stand for?

To find an answer, I threw my camera in the car and headed out to Rivertowne to get an answer directly from the horse’s mouth. And, I have to say…in addition to getting to enjoy some award-winning beer, the feedback I received was nothing short of…interesting.

Click the triangle on the video below and see what I’m talking about…













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