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Whiskey of America Museum & Beverage Emporium Looks to Start In Pittsburgh

FACT: Whiskey has its roots right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While other states claim the rights to its meteoric rise in American culture over the last few centuries, the first whiskey that ever touched early American’s lips in the late 1700s was distilled right in our own backyard, known affectionately as Monongahela Rye.

Today, Wigle Whiskey has captured that early heritage both in their namesake (see Phillip Wigle and why he’s awesome) and the award-winning products they bring us each and every day. Their name has become synonymous with Pittsburgh’s libations scene and their involvement in the community is second to none. And through it all, they’ve always kept the history of American Whiskey in focus.

WAMWith the spirit of whiskey’s birth looming strong, it’s only fitting that Wigle help spearhead a project that will further showcase its importance to our region.

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s time to get ready for WAM!, or the Whiskey of America Museum & Beverage Emporium. Per WAM’s Kickstarter Page: “The Whiskey of America Museum (WAM!) will celebrate the forgotten history, hidden science and quirky culture of American Whiskey. Interactive exhibits built by Pittsburgh maker, science, and art organizations, will educate visitors through play and adventure. Like a children’s museum for grownups. With alcohol!”

WAM! has launched a Kickstarter campaign with heavy involvement from Wigle Whiskey (although this is not a Wigle museum directly, it’s only natural they’d help support such a kick-ass project so interwoven to their operations and the celebration of American Whiskey). You can get ALL the details by clicking here and visiting the Kickstarter Page for yourself.

And honestly, if you do one thing today, watch the video at the top of the Kickstarter page. Impressive, informative, and hilarious.

Support WAM! and Help Bring a Whiskey Museum to Pittsburgh













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