SHORT POUR: Spoonwood & Hitchhiker Collaborate For the Half Shell

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Get Ready For a Turtle Eclipse!

Spoonwood Brewing in Bethel Park is teaming up with Mt. Lebanon’s Hitchhiker Brewing to brew a beer to help raise proceeds and awareness for the Turtle Survival Alliance. The TSA has done similar fundraising beer projects in Texas and South Carolina in the past and Eric Munscher, a South Hills resident who works for the organization, brought the idea to Spoonwood’s Head Brewer, Steve Ilnicki.

“I started wearing the ‘Drink Beer. Save Turtles.’ shirt that Eric gave me and it turned out to be a conversation starter,” Steve explained. “So we decided to do it.”

Steve invited Hitchhiker’s Head Brewer Andy Kwiatkowski to be part of the project and the two of them, as well as Spoonwood Assistant Brewer James Evans, put their heads together on a recipe for a Tropical Stout, a beer style not typically found in many tap lineups or brewery portfolios. This stout, named Turtle Eclipse (see what they did there?), expects to weigh in between 7-8% ABV and will be flavored with pineapple, mango, and passion fruit. Approximately 200 22oz. bomber bottles are expected to be part of the release festivities, which will include a special tapping event at Spoonwood in August complete with a family-friendly turtle exhibit.

This project also includes work from other local contributors. Mark Brewer, author and illustrator of Brewology, designed the turtle hoisting a stout seen in the label below. Jason Collins of Hooyoo Design provided the final bottle label design.

turtle eclipse

More information about this project will be released soon on the Spoonwood Brewing Blog.










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