SHORT POUR: Southern Tier Pittsburgh Announces Grand Opening

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Southern Tier Makes It Official…

southern-tier-pghAnyone who has opened a brewery or is in the process of doing so will tell you: Whatever your budget is, double it. And whatever your anticipated opening day is, add a few months. Because along the way, you never know what hurdles, obstacles, and barriers you’re going to encounter that will slow down the process.

This is what happened with Southern Tier Brewing’s new brewpub in the North Shore. They anticipated a Fall opening, but the schedule got pushed back a few months. That’s OK…I’m sure you were able to find a cold beer elsewhere in the interim.

But, a wise little dude once said that good things come to those who wait. And the wait for Southern Tier’s first location outside of their facility in Lakewood, New York is coming to an end.

Southern Tier announced their Grand Opening will be happening in mid-January. The actual day is yet to be released, but should be made public very, very soon. If you’ve been eager to check out the North Shore’s newest craft beer destination, rest easy…the day is rapidly approaching. Get ready to circle a date in January on your calendar to enjoy!

In the mean time, Like the Official Southern Tier Pittsburgh Facebook Page and Follow the Southern Tier Pittsburgh Twitter account to stay up-to-date on their progress.

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