SHORT POUR: Rock Bottom Ready For First Can Release March 2nd

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Get Uppity Jagoff In the Can Starting Friday, March 2nd

Canning is sweeping through the craft beer industry like a brushfire. For good reason. There are many advantages to this form of packaging. Freshness. Easier to transport. Less breakage. Protects beer from sunlight even more than dark glass. Many establishments have even adopted crowlers (32oz. cans that can be filled from the taps and sealed with a special machine) over growlers simply because they’re more compact and beer stays fresher secured in a can versus a large, glass vessel.

Many Pittsburgh breweries have hopped on this bandwagon and are consistently releasing great beers in limited runs of cans that you can purchase to enjoy in the comfort of home. In most cases, these releases originate from the brewery itself…meaning you have to visit in person to get your allotment. Also meaning you’re in a position to drink quality beer fresh from the source. Drag.

On Friday, March 2nd starting at 5:00pm, our friends at Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant in The Waterfront are joining in on the…sigh…candemonium and releasing their flagship IPA, Uppity Jagoff, for your at-home enjoyment. The cans will be of the 16oz. variety and available in 4-packs. Due to this being Rock Bottom’s first can release, quantities are limited and, most likely, won’t last long.

“I’m pretty stoked to have this opportunity through Rock Bottom to do some small scale canning,” said Meg Evans, Head Brewer at Rock Bottom. “We will primarily focus on Uppity Jagoff and sprinkle in specialties like Fire Chief Ale – Dusseldorf Altbier, Freshie Crushie – Hazy IPA, and Cereveza De Oro, our Mexican Lager. There will all be in really limited quantities, so don’t miss out!”

ABOUT THE BEER: Uppity Jagoff IPA captures the essence of a Pittsburgh beer in both name and flavor. Weighing in at 7% ABV, this offering falls into the category of one of the most popular styles going today. It showcases five malt and hop varieties with a spotlight on the Yakima hop. It boasts bold flavor and aroma and symbolizes the artisanal care the crew at Rock Bottom puts into each and every beer they brew.

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