[SHORT POUR] RateBeer Gathering Boosts Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Profile

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RateBeer Community to Explore Pittsburgh’s Thriving Craft Beer Scene

Those of us living smack dab in this golden age of craft beer in the Pittsburgh region are fully aware what’s unfolding before our very eyes. New breweries opening, new breweries in planning, existing breweries around the country bringing their beer to town, festivals and tastings and beer dinners galore, and new craft beer enthusiasts joining our club every single day. The atmosphere is tremendous and the future is bright.

But outside these rivers, not many people have the ability to enjoy Pittsburgh beer. Despite that fact, we’ve progressed tremendously. Pittsburgh has been mentioned in the same breath as other great craft beer destinations such as San Diego, Portland, and Philadelphia. But only a handful of our local breweries distribute outside the city, thus keeping a huge amount of Pittsburgh’s homegrown beer close to home.

ratebeerBe that as it may, the buzz around the booming Pittsburgh craft beer scene is getting louder…to the point that one of the world’s biggest online craft beer communities is on its way to town in July to experience things up close and personal.

In case you didn’t know, RateBeer is an independent website and community for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach. They plan two gatherings in renowned beer cities across America two times a year. And this summer, Pittsburgh is playing host!

Beer enthusiasts from across the country will be making their way to the Steel City to partake in tours, tastings, happy hours, and networking at craft beer bars and breweries throughout Pittsburgh. And, the best part? You have an opportunity to join the fun!

Check out RateBeer’s Summer Gathering page for the full scoop. You’ll discover where the events are being held and how you can participate. RateBeer’s Summer Gathering unfolds July 14-17.

Bob Batz of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette released a feature that details the event, as well as participating bars and breweries. You can check out Bob’s article here.

This congregation is yet another sign that Pittsburgh has arrived. Come one, come all…we invite the world to see what it’s all about and, naturally, drink our beer!











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