SHORT POUR: Quantum Spirits Announces Grand Opening St. Patrick’s Day

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Quantum Spirits Set to Open Saturday, March 17th

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. Also known in Pittsburgh as one of the biggest party days of the year. Kegs n’ eggs. The parade. Sigh….green beer. No matter what corner of the city you find yourself in on March 17th, chances are excellent you’ll stumble into a celebration.

This year, in addition to day-long celebrations all over town, St. Patrick’s Day marks the grand opening of a new distillery in the Pittsburgh beverage community. Carnegie’s Quantum Spirits will cut the ribbon (literally) and officially open their tasting room for business. Ryan and Sarah Kanto, Bryan Martindale, and the entire crew at Quantum have been hard at work for months, repurposing the former Steinmetz Bakery in the heart of Carnegie on East Main Street into a distillery and tasting room complete with innovative cocktails and bottles to purchase for at-home consumption.

Quantum Spirits is coming out of the gate with a Rye Vodka containing a mash bill of rye and rye malt. The following description can be found on Quantum’s website: Often referred to as the whiskey drinker’s vodka, our vodka opens with an enticing aroma of dried fruit and pineapple. On the palate it is incredibly smooth with a slight hint of spice and finishes with a savory caramel note – a flavorful nod from the rye malt. Quantum Spirits Rye Vodka is sublime on its own and plays well with fruit forward drinks, spicy mixers and sweet liquors. Due to the high purity of our product, it is only chill filtered and frequently surprises tasters with how smooth a vodka can be when served neat.

Photo courtesy of Quantum Spirits

The distilling team at Quantum Spirits is comprised of scientists and engineers, a distinction they wear as a badge of honor as their meticulous nature and ability to leverage automation lend tremendous benefits to the creation of spirits and cocktails. As they proudly state, “Technology doesn’t eliminate our craft, it enhances it. We are dedicated to quality in ways larger distilleries concerned with volume are not able to be.”

The St. Patrick’s Day grand opening festivities kick off with a ribbon cutting at 9:30am featuring Carnegie Mayor Stacie Riley and state representative Anita Astorino Kulik. From then til roughly 5:00pm, Pittsburgh’s newest libations stop will be booming with a creative cocktail menu, including some St. Patrick’s Day themed cocktails, and food from 2 Brothers BBQ.

In addition, Quantum will be barreling their first rye whiskey the very same night and you’ll be able to autograph the barrel if you’re in attendance!

If this Short Pour has done its job to get you excited and you simply can’t wait until March 17th to check out Quantum Spirits, they’ll be open this Friday from 4pm-7pm and Saturday 12pm-6pm. Also, per Quantum’s website, you can experience their product outside their tasting room at the following Pittsburgh destinations: The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe, Bakn, Needle and Pin, Riley’s Pour House, Southpointe Golf Club, Red Fox Winery and Lounge, The Crafty Jackalope, Insurrection Ale Works and All Star Sports Bar & Grill.

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