SHORT POUR: Pennsylvania Libations Opens Today in the Strip District

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Pennsylvania Libations Connects You to the Wide World of PA-Born Spirits

Care for a drink? Pittsburgh has got you covered. Whether you fancy an elaborate cocktail, hoppy IPA, or a bold glass of wine, our region is crawling with talented professionals ready to deliver you the very best there is to offer. Growth is happening every day on a local level, thus solidifying the City of Champions as a true hotbed in regards to adult beverage culture.

Today, another player takes the field with sights set on enhancing your connection to Pennsylvania spirits.

Photo Courtesy of Pennsylvania Libations

After months of construction and planning, Pennsylvania Libations is officially opening their retail store in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District. President and Owner Christian Simmons has partnered with several distilleries from across the state of PA and he and his team have been distributing these products to destinations all over town, providing a local alternative to large, national brands.

The new retail location, located on Penn Avenue and 21st Street in the Strip, will feature spirits from over 30 different manufacturers spread throughout the Commonwealth and will give you an opportunity to sample offerings from each brand’s portfolio before making your purchase. Pennsylvania Libations will continue their mission of delivering PA-based spirits to you directly while, at the same time, working closely with bars and restaurants to enhance their inventory and bolster their cocktail programs. Their team of experts is also be available for private events.

FROM THE PENNSYLVANIA LIBATIONS WEBSITE: Pennsylvania Libations is a family driven craft wine, spirits, ciders, mead and beer sales company. We support and sell only Pennsylvania made products. It all started as a broker company with one distillery and quickly grew to a full blown sales and representation company with a retail location. Pennsylvania Libations proudly supports and sells the largest portfolio of craft libations in the state of Pennsylvania. We start as a sales force across the state with distribution to strengthen and build brand equity. We represent the products that so many dedicated and talented producers put all of their passion and education into a bottle (or keg:).  With our retail location, this is where we solidify our base model of a full circle sales program. We now can present craft libations located from all four corners of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania to the public.

Pennsylvania Libations is open every day from 9:00am – 7:00pm. Be sure to stop in today! Discover more at













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