[SHORT POUR] PCBN Launches New Facebook Group for Event Discussion

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Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Launches Facebook Group for Event Discussion

One More RoundTo further enhance libations event exposure throughout Pittsburgh, I have launched a Facebook Group designed to stimulate conversation about events and happenings before, after, even during events as they unfold. With so many destinations hosting unique events from rare beer tappings to flight nights to full-blown festivals and extravaganzas, our collective voice can provide tremendous assistance in the promotion, improvement, and in some cases, the overall execution of said events.

The page is called One More Round: PGH Libations Events Symposium and is designed to stimulate conversation around events in town. There are a couple Facebook groups dedicated to craft beer discussion and One More Round looks to exist in that same plane. However, the idea with this group is to focus on the activities our bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, meaderies, cider houses, and large festivals/tastings are hosting that pique our interest and bring us through their doors.

As I wrote in the overall description of this group: “Events are the heart of Pittsburgh’s libations scene. We live in a hotbed of award-winning craft beer, whiskey, rum, cider, mead, and more. On a near-daily basis, craft beer destinations throughout the Pittsburgh region host events designed to showcase craft libations AND entertain enthusiasts at the same time. From a night of trivia to the largest of craft beer festivals and everything in between, bringing people together to collectively enjoy the adult beverages they love is what makes Pittsburgh’s libations scene absolutely glorious.”

“…One More Round is designed to open up the flood gates to discussion of your favorite adult beverage events throughout the Pittsburgh region and give you the ability to share, discuss, and celebrate these events via one unified Facebook community.”

You can join the Facebook Group here and encourage friends, family, and co-workers who enjoy sharing and discussing events to join as well. The next few weeks will be be spent building the membership of this group, with event discussion getting kicked off, too.








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