SHORT POUR: PCBN and Spoonwood Brewing Featured on the Marta on the Move Podcast

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PCBN and Spoonwood Brewing Join the Marta on the Move Podcast

Steve, Marta, and JasonYours truly and Spoonwood Brewing’s Head Brewer Steve Ilnicki increased our celebrity status (data unofficial) by sitting down with Marta Mazzoni on her podcast Marta on the Move. On the show, we talked about the rise of the Pittsburgh craft beer scene, the birth of Spoonwood Brewing and the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network, sensory deprivation, our favorite thing from the 80s, and the dramatic role that Killian’s Red, Honey Brown, Keystone Light, and Saranac played in each of our lives.

Now THAT’S good radio.

Marta is also running a contest for the launch of her latest episode which gives you a chance to win a t-shirt and growler w/ one free fill courtesy of Spoonwood Brewing! The contest is fully detailed on the page where you can access the show, which you can do here.

I highly recommend subscribing to Marta on the Move on iTunes and Stitcher and catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed. Marta had some fantastic guests on her show, including WDVE’s Bill Crawford, Pittsburgh Mayer Bill Peduto, and many others.

Enjoy the show!

Click here to listen to the latest episode of Marta on the Move and subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher!

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