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PCBN Now Connects You to Homebrew Supplies

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The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is happy to announce a new partnership with Homebrew Supply to connect you to everything you need to make kick-ass beer at home! From equipment to brewing supplies to tutorials and everything in between, Homebrew Supply has got your back.

Homebrewing has become an incredibly popular hobby and just about every professional brewer got his or her start behind a brew kettle set up in their kitchen, basement, or garage. The Pittsburgh homebrewing community is incredibly strong and features countless talents who’ve brought unique, quality beers to life. Many competitions and festivals here in town focus on homebrews and give you a great opportunity to try beers you most likely will never experience again.

Whether you’re already homebrewing or have been looking to dive in and get started brewing your first beer, Homebrew Supply can get you everything you need to do things right.

Plus, as an added bonus, connect to Homebrew Supply through the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network & Breaking Brews and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders $100 or more.

You can also connect to Homebrew Supply through PCBN Connect. Simply find “Home Brew Supplies” and shop from your app.

Let’s start brewing!

Click Here to Connect to HomeBrewSupply.com









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