SHORT POUR: North Shore/North Side Join Forces for PCBW Collaboration

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Rivertowne, Southern Tier, Allegheny City, and Spring Hill Brew Geographically-Contained Collaboration Beer

As this Short Pour goes live on Breaking Brews, we are one month and one day away from the kickoff to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2017. That means it’s collaboration season and breweries from all over Pittsburgh are coming together to brainstorm, banter, bond, and, ultimately, brew exceptional one-off beers to showcase the talents of everyone involved in the process throughout the 10-day city-wide craft beer celebration.

This year’s collaboration portfolio is more extensive and diverse than ever before with breweries and organizations joining forces to brew multiple collaborations that will be ready to consume during PCBW. One of those groups features a conglomerate of breweries located in the North Shore and North Side of Pittsburgh.

Rivertowne Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing, Allegheny City Brewing, and soon-to-open Spring Hill Brewing all gathered at the Rivertowne Pourhouse in Monroeville to brew a beer that will be exclusive to the North Side/North Shore. Once it leaves the Pourhouse tanks, you’ll only be able to find it in the North Side and North Shore neighborhoods.

“I think it’s cool to see a beer geographically contained to one part of the city,” Kiel Batanian, Head Brewer at Rivertowne Pourhouse, stated. “We want people to come check things out in our North Side and North Shore neighborhoods and, to get this beer, our fans outside of the area will have to cross bridges and go through tunnels!”

The collaboration is an American Wheat Ale dubbed “Pawsitivity.” It was brewed with peach and will also feature a white tea element courtesy of another North Side business: Arnold’s Tea. All the breweries intend to join forces with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and donate a portion of sales generated by the collaboration to the Society, also located in the North Side.

“Pittsburgh is very neighborhood-centric and I think it’s nice to see a beer stay in one neighborhood,” Greg Kamerdze, Owner and Brewer for Spring Hill Brewing, said. Spring Hill is currently under construction on Varley Street in the North Side and plans to focus on farmhouse ales when Greg begins brewing in the near future.

Pawsitivity will be available at Rivertowne North Shore, Southern Tier’s North Shore Brewpub, Allegheny City, and a few other craft beer destinations across the North Side/North Shore neighborhood throughout Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

PCBW runs Friday, April 21st – Sunday, April 30th.













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