SHORT POUR: New Bells, New Whistles For PCBN and PCBN Connect

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Tap Alerts, More Videos Are Coming Your Way

As we put the Summer of ’16 behind us, I’ve been working on some new features to enhance your PCBN and PCBN Connect experience. If you’re on the PCBN email list (which you can sign up for on the app if you’re not), I put out a survey over the Summer for some feedback about the app and PCBN as a whole. And, thanks to said feedback, some changes were implemented. For one, several of the educational elements of PCBN Connect were condensed into one section now known as “Libations Resources,” thus making PCBN Connect’s home page more “scroll-friendly.”

As we move forward, here are some more updates that are either in place now or about to be:

Events – PCBN Connect has been a hub for craft beer and spirits events all over town. And starting October 1st, all those events can now be found on the PCBN Facebook Page as well! Simply click on the Events tab and you’ll now have two outlets for finding and sharing events you and your friends want to attend.

More Videos – Business for the PCBN YouTube channel is about to pick up! More video features will be coming soon. Also, I’ll be doing more Live Video broadcasts on Facebook…but not at random times. I’ll be looking to give you guys some advanced notice for these videos. Stay tuned for more info…

PCBN Connect Libations DirectoryNew Libations Directory – I completely revamped the Libations Directory (seen right) on PCBN Connect and am still in the process of adding more destinations to the lineup (Pittsburgh’s growing fast, yo). Plus, I am also working on implementing a menu within this section where you can simply click on a letter and be directed to the section containing info on the brewery, winery, distillery, or meadery you’re looking for. The Directory is live now with more enhancements on the way!

Tap Alerts – Due to some very positive feedback, we will be rolling out the Tap Alert feature of PCBN Connect in early October. This will allow you to receive alerts to your phone for special beer tappings at destinations across the city. No, I won’t be dinging your phone all day long…this feature is for more special, rare, unique beer tappings. All you need to do is turn your notifications on and you’ll start receiving these alerts. Simple as that.

As always, if you have some ideas for new features, let me know and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Within reason, of course. Unfortunately, I can’t make the app dispense tasty beers.










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