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Knee Deep Brewing To Be Available in Pittsburgh May 2016

Knee DeepPittsburgh’s craft beer landscape continues to evolve on a daily basis. It’s hard to visit any of your favorite destinations and not find a new beer or brewery you’ve never had or heard of before. This is a pretty good problem to have. It proves we live in a world of abundance when it comes to beer and the list of available brews will continue to keep us occupied for quite awhile. Many breweries from across the country are zeroing in on Pittsburgh as their next stop for the distribution train.

One of those breweries is Knee Deep Brewing based in Auburn, CA. If you don’t venture outside Pittsburgh often, you’ve most likely not come across offerings from this brewery. However, that’s all about to change in May as Steel City Beer Wholesalers will be partnering with Knee Deep to break them into the Pittsburgh market.

Knee Deep started in Nevada in 2010 and is now being distributed in Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Early indication is they’ll be a hophead’s delight, with an award-winning Double IPA known as Hoptologist and Breaking Bud IPA among the early list of beers coming to Pittsburgh.

Check out the full press release below and look for Knee Deep sampling events across the region during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week April 15th thru April 24th.


Knee Deep Brewing Coming to Pittsburgh

One of the most popular and highly rated breweries on the west coast is finally coming to Pittsburgh. K​nee Deep Brewing’s brews have received several awards; most notably their Hoptologist DIPA took the Gold Medal in 2013 at The Bistro 14th Annual DIPA Festival.

Knee Deep was founded in Nevada in June 2010 by brewmaster Jeremy Warren. Fast forward to 2015, Knee Deep beers are now brewed in their new 28,000 square foot facility in Auburn, CA. They are currently distributed in Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Oregon.

Newcomer Steel City Beer Wholesalers will be importing and distributing the brewery here in Western PA. Based in Lawrenceville, Steel City Beer focuses on distributing craft beer without being financially controlled by a major brand. Knee Deep is the first of many top quality craft breweries that Steel City Beer has lined up to bring to the Western PA market.

Knee Deep is set to launch in the Pittsburgh market in early May. There will be several launch events at local bars and bottle shops, as well as previews of their products at select events during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. More updates will follow on social media as the launch nears.

For fans of hops, Knee Deep’s products will be a welcome addition to the Pittsburgh beer scene. Breaking Bud American IPA (Beer Advocate Rating 92), Lupulin River Double IPA (Beer Advocate Rating 95) as well as Hoparillo Triple IPA (Beer Advocate Rating 93) are just some of their incredible offerings. With some of the highest rated IPAs in America, Knee Deep is set to explode into the Pittsburgh Market.

You can find out more at w​ww.kneedeepbrewing.com as well as www.steelcitybeerwholesalers.com

Find Knee Deep on Twitter: @KneeDeepBrewing
Find Steel City Beer on Twitter: @SteelCity_Beer








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