[SHORT POUR] It’s Screamin’ Danger at Carson Street Deli

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Spoonwood and Carson Street Deli Team Up For a Killer Event

Spoonwood Brewing in Bethel Park recently joined forces with the band Coheed and Cambria to brew a special collaboration beer to celebrate the brewers’ appreciation for Coheed’s music, as well as the band’s appreciation for quality beer. The beer, named Screamin’ Danger IPA by the band after a lyric in the song “Island” from Coheed’s latest album The Color Before The Sun, has been flowing at Spoonwood’s taproom since February and was on tap at Rivertowne North Shore on March 1st prior to Coheed’s performance that evening at Stage AE. The band joined the crowd for a special toast beforehand and gave Screamin’ Danger a thumbs up at that event and through their social media accounts in the days following.

Coheed’s visit to Pittsburgh may be in the history books, but fans are still clamoring for Screamin’ Danger. With that in mind, Spoonwood Brewing and Carson Street Deli and Craft Beer Bar in the South Side have teamed up to put this special IPA center stage Thursday night, March 24th. Screamin’ Danger will be available on tap along side Hydra Slayer, Spoonwood’s new hoppy red ale, as well as in a special firkin.

There are rumors of a couple other samples being on hand as well.

In addition to a local-centric and stellar tap selection, Carson Street Deli is home to some of the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh. Whether you want to pay homage to your love of Coheed and Cambria or simply love what happens when two pieces of bread come together to house flavorful combinations of culinary delight (you know, a sandwich, if you’re into the whole brevity thing), this event is sure to please.


Spoonwood/Carson Street Deli Event








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