SHORT POUR: Help Eliza’s Oven Get a Storefront

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Eliza’s Oven Needs YOU!

Short PourIf you’ve ventured into the Pittsburgh Public Market, you’ve undoubtedly been lured to the counter of Eliza’s Oven, Pittsburgh’s premier boozy bakery! Owner Eliza Bowman has made a name for herself by combining two of our favorite vices: booze and sweets. Her culinary creations include cupcakes made with local stouts, pretzels made with local barleywine, apple whiskey pies, boozy chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorite), and much, MUCH more.

Eliza’s Oven has gained a ton of popularity since opening a little over two years ago. Her boozy baked goods have become synonymous with craft beer festivals and her spot at the Market is always a must-stop for attendees of PA Brew Tours. Eliza has filled us up with goodness many times over, and now it’s time to return the favor.

In case you didn’t know, the Pittsburgh Public Market’s lease was not renewed. At the same time, Eliza is working on obtaining her own full storefront at Point Breeze. Your generosity will help her achieve this dream and keep the success of Eliza’s bakery moving forward.

Take a quick second to click here to learn about Eliza’s mission, see images of her future storefront, and contribute to the cause.

Help keep boozy baked goods alive and well in the ‘Burgh! Our sweet tooth depends on it.






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