SHORT POUR: Grist House Announces First Canning Release

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Fire On The Hill…Coming to a Fridge Near You!

Grist House Craft Brewery experienced wild success when they released bottles of a barrel-aged Putin’s Breakfast known as Putin’s Reserve during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week earlier this year. Now, they’re ready to bring you another big release.

This Thursday, October 6th, Grist House will be releasing the popular Fire On The Hill IPA in 16oz. cans! This will be the first of what one can only hope is an extensive lineup of Grist House beers hitting the canning line and heading to a refrigerator in my humble abode.

Grist House hooked up with Buckeye Canning Systems out of Columbus, Ohio to produce this first run of canned beer. According to Grist House co-founder Brian Eaton, they started working on getting beer into cans all the way back in February. However, a combination of a long label approval process and getting on Buckeye’s busy schedule (lots of beer out there, kids) extended plans into the Fall. Buckeye will bring a traditional canning line to Grist House this Wednesday for canning, unload, hook up to the brite tank, and fill.

Fire On The Hill will be available in 16oz. cans because, as you know from visiting Grist House’s Millvale taproom, they like serving true 16oz. pints. You’ll be able to buy six packs and cases to go when Grist House opens for business at 5:00pm on Thursday.

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