SHORT POUR: Cinderlands to Hit the Beer Dinner Circuit in a Major Way

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Cinderlands Beer Company to Host 9-Course Beer Dinner

Have you ever left a beer dinner hungry? In the many I’ve experienced over the past several years, I can honestly say I have not. In fact, there have been times I’ve felt like the guy from the gluttony scene in the movie Seven as I paid my tab, but I digress.

The point is this: when these dinners come about, the hosts take a lot of time visualizing, crafting, and executing a menu designed to illuminate your palate on numerous levels, all while leaving you satisfied when you finish off that last bite. If you’re still hungry after all is said and done, chances are you did it wrong.

And if you walk out of Cinderlands on March 19th hungry, you really, really did it wrong.

The recently-opened brewery in Lawrenceville is hosting its very first beer dinner on Monday, March 19th from 6pm to 10pm and, let me tell you this: it will be the most unique beer and food pairing experience you’ve had to date.

Why’s that, you ask? This is the point of the feature where I pretend you asked me a question, then I answer it: The dinner will feature a whole hog courtesy of Dustin Smith at Fresh Start Farm out of Zelienople. But, as E.B. White once noted in Charlotte’s Web, this isn’t just any pig. This pig ate the spent grain from Cinderlands’ very first beer on tap: Test Piece New England IPA.

DJ, please play ‘Circle of Life’ by Elton John…

The pig will be broken down in-house into an 8-course meal that will be paired with eight beers from the Cinderlands portfolio. Each course will showcase a different cut of pork accompanied by a carefully-chosen beer as determined by Head Brewer Paul Schneider and Head Chef Joe Kiefer, all designed to deliver a tapestry of flavor with every bite and sip you take.

Cinderlands’ debut beer dinner is slated to last 3-4 hours with Schneider and Kiefer taking a few minutes between each course to talk about the beer and food in front of you. Also helping bring the dinner together will be Sous Chef Hunter McCarthy and Guest Chef James Ciminillo of Coup de Ville (opening soon in the Strip District).

If you have any specific food alleragies, Cinderlands encourages you to email them at after you purchase your ticket to make them aware prior to the event.

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