SHORT POUR: Caliente and Spoonwood to Collaborate in December

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Caliente and Spoonwood Join Forces

Spoonwood Caliente CollabCaliente Pizza & Draft House has been upping their game by collaborating with various breweries to create a series of one-off beers. Led by Matt Moninger, whose years of brewing experience at Church Brew Works made him the perfect candidate to lead these collaboration projects, Caliente is attaching their name to several well-known breweries and helping to formulate some incredibly good beer.

You can get the full scoop on Caliente’s collaboration projects by clicking here.

This week, Caliente and Spoonwood Brewing announced that they’ll be joining forces to brew a BIG Russian Imperial Stout that will finish off between 12-13% ABV! They are set to brew this beer in December and are planning release parties in early January 2016. There will also be a limited release of bottles for this beer.

More info regarding the collaboration, including name and release party dates, will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Get the full scoop on the collaboration by visiting Spoonwood Brewing’s blog.







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