SHORT POUR: Bucs and Beer – What Beer Will You Have in Hand Tonight?!

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Wild Card: Take Three

Another baseball season in the books, another Pirates Wild Card game at PNC Park. In 2013, the North Shore was rocking so loud, they could hear us in Cincy. Last year, one swing of the bat and a grand slam later deflated the raucous crowd and ended the Pirates’ quest to get back to the top of the baseball mountain.

The 2015 campaign proved these Buccos aren’t just a flash in the pan. One of baseball’s best regular season records and a division title thwarted only because we are locked in a division with the team with THE BEST regular season record.

But all that is moot today. It all comes down to one game.

Without question, tonight’s a night for cheering ’til your heart’s content and pushing the Pirates passed the Cubs and into the divisional series. And hey, it’s a night for celebration, too. Crack open your favorite craft beer, scream like hell, and go to work tomorrow with little to no voice left!

We both know you’ll be glued to baseball tonight. Now, the real question is: What beer will you have in hand? Share in the Comments below what beer you’ll be pairing with tonight’s Pirates Wild Card victory!











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